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Weight Watchers Review


If you’re like millions of other people on the planet you’ve probably been struggling with weight loss “issues” for years. And like millions of those people you’ve probably tried all of the super-hyped “here-today-gone-tomorrow” diet plans and programs that promise instant results but deliver only frustration. Face it…there is no magic elixir or miracle pill that’s going to end your weight loss battle. What you need is knowledge, support and stability. And Weight Watchers has been providing that knowledge, support and stability for nearly fifty years to make healthier choices.

But it’s not just about diet choices. It’s about lifestyle choices as well. Learning how to make those choices is as easy as visiting a local Weight Watchers meeting in your area or going to Weightwatchers.com. The website offers a candid overview of the Weight Watchers program, meetings, and philosophies, including “The Four Pillars of Healthy Weight Loss”.

The Four Pillars of Healthy Weight Loss

These are the four principles from which Weight Watchers will not waiver. First, Weight Watchers believes that any weight loss must be “healthy” weight loss. Many programs allow you to lose weight quickly only to see it return months done the road. Weight Watcher’s goal is to sustain and keep the weight off for the long term. The second pillar or principle addresses setting and achieving realistic goals. This stresses the idea that weight management is a part of your life, not your entire life! Pillar number three not only teaches you how to make healthy choices, but more importantly why those healthy choices work. Knowledge is the key. The fourth pillar brings it all together emphasizing the program’s holistic nature; all four principles working together to achieve the weight loss goal. The Weight Watchers philosophy is simple and solid and that’s why it’s provided successful results for so many people.

Diet Recommendations

When it comes to food, the program uses what is known as the Weight Watchers 360° program. Again, the plan is intuitive and easy to follow. While a food’s health and nutritional value are effectively addressed, there are no required foods or forbidden foods, but rather you learn how to make better choices that fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Exercise Recommendations

Exercise is a key ingredient in any weight loss program and again Weight Watchers excels at informing you why certain choices work and why others may be less effective in bringing about the desired result. All of the information is grounded in science and based on the individual. Easy to understand charts and formulas are used to illustrate what type of activity will bring about the best results based on calorie burning potential. When it comes to specific types of exercises the website offers a wealth of helpful and healthy ideas including a number of fitness demos, health tips, and more.

Meetings and Support

Certainly a major ingredient of Weight Watchers’ success lies in the support philosophy offered at its meetings. Weight Watchers makes finding a meeting in your city easy and accessible; simply go to the web site and plug-in your zip code. The meeting leaders are knowledgeable and compassionate and ready to offer helpful tips and suggestions to help you reach your goal. In fact most meeting leaders have gone through the program themselves and understand the pressures and frustrations you’re dealing with. Sharing success stories or offering that little nudge of added encouragement can go a long way in helping you stay on track. There’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Weight Watchers Online

Weight Watchers Online gives you everything you need to follow the complete program entirely online. There are step-by-step instructions with interactive tools, recipes, daily tips, and much more. Weight Watchers Online will help you manage your food and weight, discover delicious food options, and stay motivated and informed.

The Weight Watchers Program has enjoyed 45 years of success helping people reach their weight loss goals and Weight Watchers Online has taken this successful program and made it even more convenient.


• A holistic approach which stresses balance between diet and exercise
• Plenty of positive reinforcement and support from meeting leaders and participants
• A wealth of helpful and healthy ideas including a number of fitness demos, health tips, recipes and more available online.
• There are no required foods…eat what you like
• Flexible meeting times and payment options
• Weight Watchers Online is available for additional convenience


• Not a quick fix
• Lifestyle change may not appeal to everyone


There is no magic elixir or miracle pill that’s going to help you lose weight. But if you’re willing to commit to the program and have a desire to lose the weight and keep it off Weight Watchers will work for you. The program will help you set realistic goals and reach them using healthy sensible methods. There’s something to be said about having a successful reputation spanning 45 years.

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