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Turbo Jam Review


Do you love to dance? Do you love the energy of a crowded dance floor and the excitement of music vibrating all around you? How would you like a fitness program that gives you this same dance-all-night energy and a lean, toned, sexy physique at the same time? That’s what you’ll get with the cranked-up blend of music, dance, kickboxing, and body-sculpting that Chalene Johnson has put together in Turbo Jam.

Chalene has always loved both marshal arts and dance. She asked her mom for Judo and dance classes when she was three, attended her mom’s “Jazzercise” classes throughout her childhood, and studied Tae Kwon Do and dance while in college. Chalene moved to California in the early 90s and brought all of these loves together in a group exercise class that combined the sexiness of dance, the hip feel of funk, and the power and strength of kickboxing—all set to the latest music. This was the beginning of Turbo Jam—which was not only the most popular infomercial of 2006 but also created a whole new breed of fun, high-energy, kicked-up, fitness programs. Chalene has repeatedly been voted one of the top three fitness instructors in the world by IDEA Fitness and millions of people use her programs every week.

With Turbo Jam you’ll get five specially designed workouts, “Elite 11” instructional flash cards to teach you the signature moves, a Turbo Results step-by-step guide book full of Chalene’s secrets to success, and access to live, online chats with Chalene and the whole Turbo Jam community. The package also includes Turbo Sculpting Bands, Thigh Toning Bands, and Turbo Sculpting Gloves—all of which will dramatically increase muscle activity for even faster results.

Exercise Recommendations
With its emphasis on sliming, toning, and sculpting, Turbo Jam is directed primarily to women—and it is appropriate for any woman who is healthy enough for fairly intense physical activity. The program features five different workouts that range between 30 and 50 minutes in length. The “Fat Blaster” features fast-paced intervals to help you drop weight fast. The “Totally Tubular Turbo” or “3T” is full of body-sculpting moves focused on arms, thighs, and abs. The “Cardio Party Mix” is almost an hour of kickboxing and body-slimming moves set to hot music. The “Lower Body Jam” targets thighs and buns. And the “Cardio Party Mix 2” is a maximum calorie-blasting dance fest.

You’ll see results with Turbo Jam even if you only work out three or four times per week. But to get the best results quickly, you’ll want to do one of the Turbo Jam workouts six days per week—following the workout guide included in the Turbo Results guidebook. Since the workouts are fun, high-energy, dance type experiences, you’ll probably actually want to do them often. They are also easy to do at home—all you need is room to move and the equipment that is included with the package.

By working out with Turbo Jam and following a sensible diet, some women have lost over 30 pounds in only a few months. While this kind of dramatic result is not typical, most women who follow the program see significant improvement in their weight, shape, and muscle tone.

Diet Recommendations
Turbo Jam is a primarily a fitness program rather than a full-spectrum diet and exercise program. Some dieting advice is available through the Turbo Jam online community, and the Turbo Results guide book includes a low-fat, weight loss meal plan that features a sensible diet that would be a healthy choice for most women (and men) of pretty much any age.

Turbo Jam also includes Turbo Slim. This is a special diet and workout schedule that promises to help you lose up to 10 inches in just 10 workouts. To get these results, however, you will need to use some meal replacement products and dietary supplements.


  • It’s FUN, so you’re more likely to stick with it
  • Variation in workouts keeps things fresh
  • Chalene is a good workout partner/coach/motivator
  • Easy to do at home
  • Muscle toning and sculpting without getting bulky


  • Most dramatic weight loss claims are not typical
  • Diet and nutrition elements of program are sparse

Turbo Jam became a national phenomenon because it is a fun. The high-energy and high-impact workouts keep you up and moving, and most of the time you’ll feel like you’re at a dance party rather than exercising. Turbo Jam is a terrific option for women of any age who are fit enough for sustained cardio exertion and who want to develop a leaner, sexier, and more toned body.

Some women working with Turbo Jam have lost more than 30 pounds in a few short months, and all women who followed the exercise and diet guidelines have seen significant weight loss.

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