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Slim in 6 Review


Debbie Siebers is your instructor, motivator, and workout partner in the fun, high-energy, and high yield, Slim in 6 exercise and fitness program.

Debbie’s own struggles with weight-gain and compulsive eating didn’t come under control until she first entered a gym, and that day started her passion for sharing physical fitness and healthy eating with others. Debbie is a certified member of the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), and over the course of her 20 years of experience in fitness education she has developed many proprietary routines that attack those annoying trouble spots like stomach, hips, thighs, and buns. She got her start working for Body-by-Jake, has worked at top-tier gyms like Crunch, and Meridian Sports Club, and she has been featured in segments on Fit TV, CNN, E! Entertainment Television, and various broadcast TV stations. Debbie’s first fitness program developed in conjunction with Beachbody was Thin Thighs Guaranteed!, and the popularity of that program led to more work with Beachbody that has culminated in Slim in 6.

Slim in 6 features Debbie’s exclusive Slim Training techniques. These techniques are designed to give you a healthy, shapely, and sexy body without a bunch of muscle mass that will make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bikini! The program features fat burning cardio workouts combined with sets of light resistance moves that will shrink your mid-section, and give you slim, toned, thighs, hips, and arms in as little as six weeks. Slim in 6 also includes Simple Steps to Success!, which is a guidebook that helps you get the most out of the program, a step-by-step nutrition guide that will help you make healthy diet choices, a motivational calendar to chart your progress, online access to diet and fitness tips as well as the support of other Slim in 6 users, and much more.

Exercise Recommendations

Slim in 6 is an exercise and fitness program for women of any age who are healthy enough to engage in moderately demanding physical activity. The program features three core workouts, plus two additional brief workouts. The core workouts are: Start It Up!—a 25 minute introduction to Slim Training moves; Ramp It Up!—a 48 minute workout that increases your calorie burning and body shaping; and Burn It Up!—a 60 minute series of moves that takes your sliming and toning to a completely new level. The brief workouts are an 11 minute ab routine and a 14 minute flexibility routine to revitalize you on days off.

Yes, there are days off, but not many. There’s really no limit to the amount of weight—and inches!—you can lose with the Slim in 6 program. But in order to get real results in those first six weeks, you’re going to be working out at least six days/week as you move from the short and easy Start It Up! routine to the no-nonsense, sweat inducing, heart pumping Burn It Up! But Debbie offers a lot of encouragement and her enthusiasm makes the individual workouts fun—and then there’s the massive boost of motivation you’ll get as you begin to see, and feel, results.

Slim in 6 doesn’t require you to turn your home into a gym or buy a lot of special equipment. In fact, you aren’t required to have any special equipment at all. But if you want to use a resistance training band for quicker results, one is included with in the Slim in 6 package.

Diet Recommendations

Slim in 6 is primarily an exercise and fitness program rather than a diet plan. And that means that, unless you adopt the 6-Day Express Diet Plan, you don’t need to buy any special foods, meal replacements, diet pills, or dietary supplements. What you do need to do is adopt a sensible and healthy diet, and Slim in 6 helps you do so with the step-by-step nutrition guide that is included with the program. Just as there are no required foods with Slim in 6, there are also no forbidden foods. “Everything in moderation.” Following the nutrition guide you will eat a balanced, low-fat, diet (about 1400-1600 calories per/day) that is appropriate for most men or women of any age.

Some Slim in 6 clients have seen dramatic weight loss results of 25 pounds/month and more. These dramatic results are not typical, and to see them you will probably need to follow the 6-Day Express Diet. But the average weight loss with the program is a very respectable two to three pounds per week.


  • Fun and energetic routines that make it easier to stick with the program
  • Debbie’s encouragement and motivation
  • Ramp-up from easier to more difficult workouts
  • In-home convenience and no special equipment
  • Reliable results
  • Money back guarantee


  • Risk of injury if moves are performed incorrectly
  • Repetitive and highly structured routines
  • Requires a high level of commitment


Slim in 6 is a great option for women who are looking to get trim and fit without developing a lot of bulky muscle mass. This is not a program for women looking to enter body-building competitions or for women who lack the ability to make a sustained commitment to a daily regimen of exercise and healthy eating. But women who commit to the program and adopt the 6-Day Express Diet can lose 25 pounds or more in a month. The average woman will lose 12-15 pounds in the first six weeks, while also getting a more shapely and healthy body.

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