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Power 90 Review


Power 90 Home Bootcamp is one of the earliest fitness and weight loss programs that Tony Horton brought to the Beachbody line of products, and it played a major role in establishing Tony as one of America’s elite fitness gurus. Of course Tony had enjoyed plenty of success as a fitness expert before introducing Power 90. In fact, not long after founding ASH Fitness in Santa Monica, CA Tony was hired by Touchstone Pictures to condition the entire cast of the film The 13th Warrior (including Antonio Banderas). From there it wasn’t long before he was well established as the “personal trainer to the stars,” bringing his signature combination of conditioning skills and motivational ability to the likes of Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Shirley MacLaine, Sean Connery, Annie Lennox, and Rob Lowe. The development of Power 90 revolutionized the entire fitness industry in America—allowing people to get the benefits of expert conditioning with a personal trainer at home. Power 90 also allowed Tony to share his passion for fitness with millions rather than simply with a few stars.

Power 90 uses a Sectional Progression training technique in which workouts target individual body zones to produce maximum fat burning and muscle toning. The program features six cardio and body-sculpting workouts that rotate between easy moves that tone and firm your entire body, laser-focused ab routines, innovative cardio moves like kickboxing, and Pilates-type moves for creating long, lean muscles. The Power 90 Home Bootcamp package also includes a Program Guide and Transformation Tracker that shows you exactly what to do each day and how to track your progress, access to online diet and fitness tips as well as terrific peer support, a Power Sculpting Band resistance tool, and a 90 day calendar to help you stay motivated.

Exercise Recommendations
Make no mistake about it: Power 90 is a challenging fitness program and in order to get the kind of results the program can offer you’ve got to make a serious commitment and stick with it. That said, if you are a reasonably fit man or woman of healthy enough for strenuous exercise, this program can produce dramatic weight loss and body transformation.

The program is designed so that you will work through one of the workout DVDs six days/week. The length of the workouts range between an intense six minutes for the ab routines and a sweat-inducing, fat burning 42 minutes for the cardio routine, with the average workout running a little over 30 minutes. The program also includes a 35 minute “Fat Burner Express” workout that will jump-start your metabolism and burn fat and calories fast. And unlike some “in-home” fitness programs that require you to turn your house into a gym, the Power 90 workouts require almost no special equipment so they really can be done at home.

If you commit to Power 90 and follow all of the program recommendations, the results can be dramatic. In fact, some Power 90 users have lost over 90 pounds and 10 inches around the waist in the 90 day period.

Diet Recommendations
Power 90 Home Bootcamp is first and foremost an exercise program. It is not primarily a diet and nutrition program. It does, however, include a “Fat Burner Meal Plan” and a “Six-Day Fat Burner Express.”

The Fat Burner Meal Plan is a step-by-step eating plan that is intended to help you burn fat quickly. The eating plan is sensible, doesn’t require you to give up any of your favorite foods—in moderation—and is intended to be a guide to sustainable eating for healthy men and women. In conjunction with the exercise regimen, following this meal plan will result in steady weight loss.

As its name suggests, you will see more rapid weight loss results with the Six-Day Fat Burner Express plan. It’s important to note that this plan does involve using weight loss supplements, but the results can be truly dramatic. In conjunction with the exercise regimen, you can lose as much as 10 pounds and 10 inches in just one week.


  • Sectional Progression training technique works entire body
  • Dramatic body-sculpting and weight loss rapidly
  • No elaborate equipment required
  • Tony encourages and motivates


  • Routines can become monotonous and boring
  • Most dramatic results depend on using diet-pills

Power 90 created a revolution in fitness when it was introduced in the late 1990s, and it is still a very popular physical training and weight loss program. The program requires commitment, and so is not effective for those who are not willing to push themselves and stick with it. But if you make the commitment and put in the effort, then—whether you are a man or woman and whether you are 15 or 50—you will see radical transformations in your body, in your confidence, and in your entire outlook on life. Indeed, some Power 90 users have lost as much as 90 pounds in as little as 90 days.

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