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Nutrisystem Review 


One of the main ingredients of any successful weight loss plan is healthy eating. Think of your body as an engine. Like any other engine your body requires fuel but it is the type of fuel you use that holds the key to weight loss success. That’s where the Nutrisystems Diet Program comes in. The science of eating healthy is at the core of the Nutrisystem program. The program is just that; a complete system designed to help you eat healthy and lose weight. Here’s how it works.

Science is the secret to Nutrisystem’s success. The program is based on the glycemic index, which means eating low-GI meals 5-6 times a day helps keep your blood sugar and metabolism stable, so your body can burn calories more effectively. The program boasts the perfect combination of variety, nutrition, hunger control, and convenience. For over 35 years Nutrisystem has been offering people comprehensive weight loss know-how and healthy menu options.

Diet Recommendations

The 28 Day Plan
You begin the program by choosing your plan and your food. When it comes to the 28 day plan there many options to choose from. There are plans for women and plans for men, as well as age-based plans for folks over 65. There are also plans that focus on those who have diabetes or those who prefer a vegetarian menu featuring the only pre-packaged vegetarian weight loss program available. And the best part is with these plans there’s no counting, weighing, or measuring. It’s all done for you.
You won’t have to give up sweets or starve yourself on this plan either. The menus feature staples like lasagna, mac and cheese, and even chocolate. All packaged in the right portion sizes with all the fiber, protein, and good carbs you need so you won’t end up going hungry.

Basic Plan features:
• Teaches you what, when, and how to eat
• Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert each day
• Free counseling along with helpful online tool and trackers
• Free Mindset Makeover online guide
• Results Kit featuring Daily Meal Planner, Dining Out Guide, and resource Guide

They’re all healthy meal plans that are easy to follow. There’s no counting calories, carbs, or points. And there are no meetings to attend. The Nutrisystem program has really made eating healthy delicious food while losing weight a no-brainer.

The Food

Talk about convenience…you get delicious food delivered right to your door. And the 28 Day Meal Planner with the Daily Diary helps you stay on course while teaching you about portion control at the same time. Plus Nutrisystem offers you a large menu with a huge variety of healthy meals and snacks including gourmet fresh-frozen cuisine for as little as $11 a day.


Nutrisystem’s free online membership offers its members access to registered dieticians and weight loss counselors. The website also features online tools to help you track your progress as well as a members community, discussion boards, and blogs, along with weight loss news and articles. Plus free counseling whenever you need it. Looking for exercise and fitness tips? You’ll find those at www.nutrisystem.com as well. The website is easy to navigate and addresses any questions you may have because for most of us teaching our bodies how to use food more efficiently and effectively is a brand new experience. The site also features money saving discounts, offers, and promotions to help make the process a little bit easier.

The Nutrisystem Diet program offers you a wealth of online resources and counseling to assist you on your weight loss journey coupled with over 35 years of weight loss success backed by science and you’ll discover a winning program.


• Over 35 years of weight loss success stories
• Uses a glycemic index and balanced portions to stabilize metabolism
• Offers a large diverse menu of delicious meals to its clients
• Affordable
• Food is delivered directly to your home
• Unlimited counseling and support services
• Plans for diabetics and vegetarians


• Meal costs
• May not appeal to those who would prefer a more fitness-focused program

Now you no longer have to forfeit your favorite foods in order to lose weight. Nutrisystem has been proving it for over 35 years. Nutrisystem offers you affordable, safe, healthy weight loss backed by science.

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