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Jenny Craig Diet Review 


Face it, trying to lose even a few pounds can be frustrating. And many of us have struggled with our weight all our lives. The key to losing weight has nothing to do with magic spells or secret formulas. At Jenny Craig they know that successful weight loss relies on balance. Jenny Craig is a clinically proven weight loss program that promotes balance between Food, Body, and Mind.

With Food, the focus is on portion controlled nutrition which is easy to maintain with Jenny’s Cuisine. The main focus when it comes to the Body is a gradual increase in activity. And finally, the Mind zeros in on education and motivation. The program is personalized specifically for you and tailored to fit your lifestyle.
Jenny Craig understands how frustrating the entire process can be. That’s why they strive to educate their customers. They believe that the more you know, the more successful you’ll be at achieving your goals. The programs are easy and accessible with 650 local Jenny Craig Centers across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This makes it simple for you to receive the one-on-one motivation and support that you need to achieve success with your weight loss plan.

The website outlines several plans which contain a wide range of options to meet your needs. It also features a comprehensive look at all the products, programs, and options Jenny Craig has to offer including an online community for added support.

The Jenny Craig Program makes you feel like you can succeed, and you can! You’ll attend your local center each week for a personalized consultation and receive one-on-one support from your personal Jenny Craig Consultant as well as order and pick up each week’s food.

Diet Recommendations
Jenny’s Cuisine meals help you stay on course and teach you about portion control at the same time. Plus Jenny’s Cuisine offers you a healthy menu with a huge variety of meals and snacks. The Menu Planner is exclusive to Jenny Craig clients and allows you to plan your meals each day letting you take charge of your eating schedule and keep track of your progress. It calculates caloric intake for Jenny’s Cuisine or meals on your own. You’ll learn healthy eating habits and which types of food will help you reach your goal. The cost of meals is comparable to what you’d pay at your local supermarket. As you progress through the program and learn how to select healthy foods you can eventually start to do your own shopping and create your own menu with store purchased ingredients. Again, there’s no voodoo here; just sound healthy advice.

Exercise Recommendations
Like most programs Jenny Craig stresses balance. Your consultant works closely with to design an activity plan that works for you. From working out in the gym to more playful natural activities like simply walking your dog, you’re sure to find an exercise regime that works for you. You’ll learn how to incorporate more activity into your everyday routine. And after all isn’t the key to success finding an exercise program that you actually enjoy doing? Plus the website offers a great selection of ideas, demos, and resources to keep you motivated and on track.

Program Overview
All Jenny Craig consultants are health-oriented diet-focused individuals who genuinely care about the people they partner with. Each consultant receives extensive training before they begin working with clients and continue that education on an ongoing basis so that you receive the latest and most comprehensive information. And many of the consultants have successfully used the Jenny Craig Program themselves.

If you’re serious about losing weight and making a change in your life Jenny Craig offers solid healthy advice for both men and women along with support and encouragement along the way.

• A program designed specifically to fit your lifestyle
• Affordable meals and Menu Planner
• No elaborate exercise equipment needed
• 650 local Jenny Craig Centers worldwide

• May not appeal to those looking for a quick fix
• Lifestyle may not appeal to everyone
• When starting the program clients are encouraged to purchase Jenny Craig meals

Jenny Craig has helped celebrities and people just like you shed the pounds using time-tested healthy techniques. When selecting a weight loss program this is one with a proven track record.

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