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Hip Hop Abs Review


There’s nothing new about getting fit and staying fit by dancing—people have been doing it since the first drums sounded around the first fires. But Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs takes this ancient idea to whole new levels. Part of what makes Hip Hop Abs so revolutionary—and made it the best selling fitness program in America for a while—is Shaun’s “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” technique. Believe it or not, with this technique you can get six-pack abs like Shaun’s without ever getting on the floor! That’s right, none of those horrible crunches and sit-ups. Instead, you’ll be rockin’ out with Shaun, following along with his specially designed dance moves, and almost without realizing it you’ll also be burning fat and toning and tightening all of your major muscle groups.

It’s no surprise that Shaun T would develop a fitness program that feels like your dancing at your favorite club. After all, Shaun came into the world of physical training through dance. Before he was a leading fitness guru he was a well-known dancer and choreographer. Some of Shaun’s theatrical credits include the musical version of The Ten Commandments, Pippin, and Applause; he appeared on HBO’s Six Feet Under, and he had a role in Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah. Some of Shaun’s other fitness programs with Beachbody include Rockin’ Body—which is another calorie-burning cardio and full-body sculpting series of workouts set to super-hot dance hits—and the insanely hard-core and high-impact training regime Insanity.

Don’t worry if you can’t dance. Shaun will teach you all the moves you need to rev up your metabolism with the two dance routine DVDs included with Hip Hop Abs. The program also includes a nutrition guide for faster weight loss, a 30 day workout calendar, live online chats with Shaun, contact with a pumped-up Hip Hop Abs community, and more.

Exercise Recommendations
Hip Hop Abs is a high-energy and high-impact workout program that is great for both men and women who are healthy enough for a fairly strenuous cardio workout. The music and dance routines are also pitched to a younger set, but plenty of young-at-heart 40 and 50-somethings will like it too.

Other than the sheer fun of Hip Hop Abs, part of what makes it so appealing is that—other than room to move!—you don’t need anything at all to get started. The program is built around five different workouts, and most of them last for only 30 minutes or less. You can rotate your way through “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” that gets you started towards a flatter and tighter mid-section, “Fat Burning Cardio” that sheds excess weight with cool dance moves, “Ab Sculpt” that keeps the focus on your abs, without the customary crunches and sit-ups, “Hips, Buns, and Thighs” that lifts and firms those key problem areas without any boring squats or lunges, and “Total Body Burn” that brings it all together in a head-to-toe cardio and body sculpting dance fest.

There aren’t any rules with Hip Hop Abs—you can work it as often as you like and you can change it up in any way you want. But obviously, the more you work at it the more results you’ll see—and the faster you’ll see them. Working with Hip Hop Abs every day, some people have lost more than 50 pounds in just a few months.

Diet Recommendations
Like most of the other Beachbody products, Hip Hop Abs is primarily an exercise and fitness program rather than a diet program. It does, however, include a Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide that will help you lose weight faster without having to entirely give up any of your favorite foods or buy a bunch of special foods, meal replacements, or diet pills. The program also includes a handy “Results on the Run” guide for helping you make better choices at restaurants, and a Six-Day SlimDown plan that will jump-start your weight loss efforts. This plan does involve a restricted diet along with some meal replacement products.

Since the basic ideas in the Step-by-Step Nutrition guide are built around a sensible, low-fat diet, it is likely to offer a healthy eating plan for most men or women of any age.


  • FUN, so you’re more likely to stick with it
  • Shaun’s energy is contagious and keeps you motivated
  • 6-pack abs with no horrible sit-ups and crunches
  • Tight and toned buns and thighs with no boring squats and thrusts
  • Supportive online community


  • Music may not appeal to some
  • Sketchy diet and nutrition components

Hip Hop Abs is a fun and energetic fitness program that provides excellent cardio workouts, full-body toning and sculpting, as well as targeted attention to abs, thighs, and buns. If you don’t enjoy dancing or contemporary dance music, Hip Hop Abs probably isn’t for you. But if you’ve dreamed of having six-pack abs and a tight butt without doing any sits-ups or squats, you will probably want to give Hip Hop Abs a look. While some of the moves target traditional female problem areas, the program as a whole is great for men and women healthy enough for moderately strenuous cardio activity.

Quite a few people have lost a significant amount of weight using Hip Hop Abs. Weight loss in the 20-30 pound range within three to six months is not uncommon, several people have lost over 50 pounds, and one person reports having lost over 90 pounds by following the Hip Hop Abs program of diet and exercise.

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