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Exercise Programs to Lose Weight

Not all exercise programs are created equal. Different types of activity work in different ways to tone and strengthen various muscle groups within the body. The best way to work your entire body, burn optimal amounts of fat and calories, tone up, and get healthy is to design an exercise program that incorporates both cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training.
Cardiovascular exercise, also known as “cardio”, is the one of the most important form of exercise as it targets the heart muscle. The heart muscle is much like other muscles in the body, and responds to exercise much the same way. The more cardio exercise you do on a regular basis, the stronger the heart muscle becomes, leading to an overall healthier you. Cardio has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure level, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and increase lung function. If this does not make you want to begin a cardiovascular fitness program, consider this: cardio is the most effective form of exercise to burn the most calories, as well as a good amount of fat when done regularly, and properly.

People were not designed to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting still can cause the body to have many different types of problems. You may notice after being still that your muscles feel stiff, your neck is sore, and your back aches. Even though you have not exerted any physical activity, this occurs because your body is actually longing to move. You may notice that once you get up, stretch and start moving that you actually feel much better. Your muscles become flexible, warm, and pliable, and you feel more energized. Cardiovascular exercise encourages your whole body to move like no other form of activity can. This type of workout can vary in intensity, duration, and style, but the end results are always the same: the heart rate is elevated, the blood is pumping, endorphins are flowing, and your metabolic rate is increased. Even short sessions of cardio can yield tremendous results.

Adding resistance training to a cardio workout can provide even more benefits. Resistance training can increase your personal strength, can help you to become more toned and firm, and can allow you to feel a great deal more energy. It is important to understand that resistance training does not necessarily mean that you have lift heavy weights or build muscles to the point you resemble a body builder. You can use resistance training to achieve exactly the results you desire. You should work to continually build up your strength when resistance training, and never try to do too much too quickly. Your body should get a day of rest between resistance sessions, so make sure you do not over exert yourself.

When beginning a cardiovascular and resistance training fitness program, you should always set reasonable goals, follow all guidelines, and choose a program you will actually want to stick with. Common activities such as walking, biking, swimming, dancing, and many other types of traditional sports are great cardio options. Any type of activity that raises the heart rate for an extended period of time and allows you to work up a sweat will provide cardiovascular benefits. Performing other exercises with light weights, usually five pounds or less, is a great way to resistance train. The main key to understand is that you need to choose activities that you enjoy so that you will continue on with your exercise program. If you become bored, you will give up and halt your weight loss progress. Take your time and ease yourself into an exercise program. Once you start to incorporate fitness into your daily life, you will wonder why you did not start years ago.

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